A very curious grey tabby cat.

There are so many grey tabby cats. But they are all cute in a unique way.

A grey tabby cat, also known as a gray tabby cat, is a unique pattern of the coat made up of predominantly grey and white colours. Mostly grey patterns. This is not a different breed of cats but only a coat pattern.

Here are some patterns to Grey Tabby Cats:

Mackerel Tabby: This pattern features narrow, vertical stripes running parallel along the cat’s spine and tail.
Classic Tabby: Also known as a “blotched” tabby, this pattern has bold, swirling patterns or marbled patches on the cat’s sides.
Spotted Tabby: Some grey tabby cats may have a spotted pattern with individual dark spots scattered across their body.
Ticked Tabby: In the ticked or “agouti” tabby pattern, the stripes are broken into a series of small, evenly spaced spots or dashes.

Grey tabby is a broad description and many many patterns are possible here. Sometimes there is a hint of orange which creeps in as well.