Cute Grey Tabby itching its ear. Can you do the same?

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We are working closely with ‘BestFur’nds’ (Best Furry Friends BFF) to take care of stray cats. For this purpose, we started selling cat food, so 100% of the proceeds go towards stray cat welfare. So for cat food mumbai, especially for cat food in Andheri, find @bestfurnds on Instagram.

Cats need a decent high protein diet, with fewer grains and more of protein. They can also be finicky eaters. We know of cats who love fish, but also those who won’t even look at a fish. We know cats who will happily eat chicken but those who will only eat packaged dry food. We also have cats who will not eat the packaged dry food but love the wet pouches. As if this was not enough, some cats also get bored of the regular food and want something different.

If you monitor your cats eating well, she will be happy and healthy and your bond will only become stronger.